Saturday, February 9, 2008

last one...maybe

we stayed up way too late last night playing on youtube. we can only hope that if kale is ever afraid of monsters, he is as brave as this girl.

here is a little something for you kale fans...

he now does this constantly


oberlys said...

we found this one too and were giong to send it to you. Glad to see you ofund it. We watched it over, and over and over and...too funny!

Joanie said...

And you told me no one taught him how to do this!! I think there has been some instruction going on when you are not home!!
I can't wait to see you guys. Thursday can't come fast enough although I suppose he will be sleeping when we get back from the bb game. Hope Kale is ready for lots of kisses from us all.
Gramma Joanie

Anonymous said...

Kale is growing... wow! 5 months, almost ready to drive! Kiss him for me, Love always, Aunt Sally