Monday, February 11, 2008

Living Life

I've thought that maybe we should have named Kale "Huck" because he always seems to kick everything off his feet (socks, shoes, pajamas - built in feet and no feet) and just go barefoot. After finding Kale in a furious mangled clump of clothes one day in his crib, I was convinced that there was a simple way to keep "foot apparel' from falling off of his feet without alerting "Child Services." Unfortunately not even "bow-ties" around the ankles would do the trick (lasted maybe an hour). Perhaps if they were a different color?

Kale woke up from his nap one Saturday to find his dad tying a few flies. Father and son...sharing a moment.

Full speed ahead skipper. (Kale)
I'll keep pushing you if I can have another cookie!(Lizabeth)
Okay, but be careful, Kale's neck isn't very strong yet. (encourage Becca and Reese while mom laughs hysterically - a bottle of booze in one hand, camera in the other)
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kelsey said...

i love that picture of kale and peter on their tummies together. it's just a great one. thanks for the long comment, i responded to you on my blog, so check back for that! miss you!

rebecca said...

What do they call us--"cocktail moms" or something? Just kidding people--it was water and sugar cookies all day long.

Love the picture of the boys on the floor. You are right--Kale is an observant little guy. He may tie a fly before he walks.

northwestharveys said...

great picture of peter and kale!

where are you though. I haven't seen you in a while. I hear giggles in the background of videos but not beautiful pictures!

show us your face :)

Joanie said...

That's good to hear, Becca. I was wondering since Naomi (who was the spelling bee champ in grade school) seems to have forgotten where to use there, their, or they're and how to spell "unfortunately". That's okay, I had to ask to make sure myself!!

peter and naomi said...

Okay...I know I KNOW! I can't spell. My mother always hounded me about my spelling, and unlike my better half I was never ever EVER any type of a "Spelling Champ" in grade school, middle school, highschool, college or even in my own classroom as a teacher. Ashamed? Yes...but it hasn't bothered me enough to get any better :-> I know Mom...I represent the family! I'll take my spelling more seriously...sorry.

Petar :)

Anonymous said...

He is growing so much. I can't wait to get my hands on him this weekend. Shanna