Sunday, March 16, 2008

daddy goes crazy with the camera this weekend

rosy cheeks
this is the look kale has when he is really studying something, like the camera
roly poly boy
kale was very interested in peter with his hair combed over. it was very hard to get him to look at the camera.
finally caught his attention for a minute. my slick boys.
enjoying some avocado/banana mix.
he slumps himself over in his bumbo seat so i have to feed him from the side.
"do i have something on my face?"
kale's new favorite toy is the remote control
getting a little double chin, gaining some weight.


northwestharveys said...

Kale bug is growing! That first picture he's really starting to grow into himself.

Was Peter just experimenting with a new hairstyle?

Do you guys have pictures from your weekend up in the mountains?

peter and naomi said...

-i combed peter AND kale's hair over, you just can't see kale's very well.
-we didn't take a ton of pictures in red lodge so we are waiting to get some from reese. you should post on her blog to get on that! :)
-when are you going to update YOUR blog?

Addie said...

Oms, he's seriously just the cutest ever. The way he studies the remote - he very much looks like you in that pic.

Also, Peter isn't allowed near Blake with a side part like that. I'm afraid he'll want one.

Joanie said...

There is definately a hint of red in Kale's hair in the bumbo seat side shot. Just in time for St Patrick's Day!! Always wanted a leprechaun in the family!

kelsey said...

cute pictures, as always naomi. i got curious when you said you were feeding him avocado/banana mix--do you make your own baby food?

peter and naomi said...

as of now, yes, i am making my own baby food. very easy so far, just steam and puree!

kelsey said...

very cool. thanks naomi! i guess my sister made her owns occasionally too. i like!

Edeline said...

Great work.