Thursday, March 13, 2008

got a little carried away washing up with the
washcloth the other day.

doesn't seem to mind that he looks like a greasy old man

kale very rarely falls asleep in our arms anymore so it was a special moment when he fell asleep finishing a bottle with peter.

such a sweet boy


Anonymous said...

...a bottle of what? whiskey? they both look exhausted! !oma

Joanie said...

How special! I love your new page with all the colored polka dots! Very Springy!

Kiersten said...

Hey there sweet little guy! Love those baby legs :-)

It is a fun redesign, but the green on beige strains my eyes to read--love the polka dots though.

Happy almost spring!

kelsey said...

like the new design! cute pictures too.

Anonymous said...

What a happy baby...cute dots, too,xoxo Aunt Sally

northwestharveys said...

He is such a smiling bundle of joy! Just love him to pieces! I'm also a fan of the new layout :)