Thursday, April 10, 2008

new games



Joanie said...

I found myself wondering what the rocking baby sounded like to the people downstairs and then remembered that there is noone living down there since it is the model unit! What a blessing! This is such a great video, the kindergarteners loved it too and declared Kale a "smart baby"!
Love you

northwestharveys said...

What a boy!

Anonymous said...

hey hubby and I are going to be in Bozeman this weekend! We are planning on helping Addie get some house stuff done but would love to see you guys too. What are your plans? you can send me an email if you want...and thanks for the comment on our blog it made my day :)


Anonymous said...

Too cute! How fun is that?! Kiss him for me ... can't wait to see you in the summer!! Love,Aunt Sally