Sunday, May 11, 2008

weekend wrap up

my husband spoils me every day and mother's day was no different. he helped me clean on saturday and spent ALL day doing paint touch ups and little jobs around the house. really, the best present ever. kind of funny too, since last mother's day we were painting around here too! we spent today relaxing and pretty much doing nothing. just the way i like it since the weather was windy and rainy. enjoy the pics! we went over to our friends house for dinner on mother's day and had an amazing feast. this is one of their daughters, mina, (short for willemina). she was pretty interested in kale.
kale loved all the girl attention.
any resemblance?
our friend lindsey came into town for some work and let us come to her hotel to swim. all our little guys were perfect "swimmers" naomi, kale, smith, lindsey, reese, mason
all the boys after the swim, playing on the hotel bed.
kale's favorite new position to sleep in. he has been sleeping better now, taking longer naps and sometimes sleeping until 9 in the morning! no complaints here!


Joanie said...

Happy Mother's Day!! Thanks for the great ecard and the little slide show. I loved it and I love you! By the way, I remember you kissing Curtis V. when you were about mina's age!!
Love, Mom

rebecca said...

I'm posting because it makes you happy:) No-really, because you are such a lovely family and a lovely friend. are you watching the girls this week? if so, we should go to the park or something. We'd look like a little daycare. anyway--Mr. Kale is darling (in the most masculine sense of the word) as ever!

Anonymous said...

Kale is sooo cute, Love you guys, Always, Aunt Sally