Monday, May 19, 2008

my future's so bright...

...i gotta wear shades
dad likes to put these on me and laugh at me while i play
playing with blake
after 5 minutes of wearing them (we timed him) he decided he would rather play with the glasses
now i want the camera!
we went up to hingham this weekend to watch my sister vanessa graduate from high school. lots of fun was had but kale ended up getting a little cold the first day we were there. despite having a cold, missing naps, and late nights, he was a trooper. the trip home yesterday was a little long for all of us and kale decided he was too tired to sleep in the car. finally, right before we took the exit to bozeman, he passed out. figures. peter helped our friends brand a little bit on friday after we arrived in hingham. actually, what i heard was he took pictures and drank beer. i'll let him tell you about it later.
robin, kale, monkey, and vanessa. robin and vanessa graduated and we had a party to celebrate with robin's family.
even though this picture is bad of all of us, it is the best one we have!


Addie said...

What a cute little capelet you're wearing! Love it.

Now, unless you battle unholy spam, please turn off the word verification. I can never read it, and it asks me like SEVEN TIMES, with a new one each time. I'm a smart girl, but that thing is ridiculous.

Really cute capelet, by the way. :)
Love you!

Joanie said...

The graduation monkey was missing Sunday morning and Linda gave her whole family a lecture about how it reflected badly on their family to have it disappear because it cost us money and was reusable... Long story short - she found it when she reached around the shower curtain into the bathtub to turn on the shower!! Thanks for being such a wonderful part of our weekend. We loved having you here.

Anonymous said...

I like the way you matched Vanessa's school colors, very nice! I am coming through Bozeman on my way to West Yellowstone for another work thing, I will call you and maybe get to see you for a spell :)

kelsey said...

i think the family photo is great (other than kale not looking at the camera), so thanks for sharing. it was fun to see a picture of jon too. i haven't seen him forever!