Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a good old update

june is here and the snow is gone! (at least for today) now we have quite a bit of rain but when the sun does come out, it is so green! reese, addie, sara, and i picked a great day for our garage sale on saturday. (will try to get pics from reese soon) the weather could not have been better and i honestly had a great time. probably because addie did most of the work and i just got to enjoy the sun. i don't feel bad though because i know she likes it! (that's what i tell myself anyway) we then took some of our earnings and went to the sex and the city movie that night. it was a great day!

kale turned 9 months old yesterday and i will write more about him later. we go to the doctor today and we'll see how much weight he has gained. i emailed peter at work to see if he had any questions for the doctor and this is what he wrote back:

Is Kale a midget?

Ear Infection (bleeding ear in the morning)? (sometimes kale scratches his ears and they bleed)

Is Kale a midget?

hopefully we will find out the answers to those quetions soon! i am guessing that he has gained 3 pounds since his last visit 3 months ago, putting him at 16 pounds. any other guesses? eating a pickle all by himself
takes after his mama
sorry, not too many other pictures at the moment kale and mama's feet


Joanie said...

Hurrah!! An update! My addiction to checking your blog is probably something I should see someone about. I am predicting that Kale has gained 3.2 pounds and is not a midget. Please post again after the dr. appt.
Gramma J.

northwestharveys said...

Maybe Kale needs the eskimos to bring him seal blubber...it worked for Pete :) jk! I'm curious to know the Dr.s update and ear stuff. If there were drainage and he were rubbing his ear a lot that would be more indicitve of an ear infection...hopefuly the bleeding is just from him scratching.