Thursday, June 5, 2008

our little munchkin

The doctor on Tuesday went quite well. I overshot on my guess and Kale barely tipped the scale at 15 pounds and measured 26 inches long. The doctor suggested we start some formula with Kale because she was a little worried about my milk supply. She also advised to put butter and gravy on all kinds of stuff to fatten him up. What a lucky boy! I have started to try to give him some formula after I nurse him and he seems to like it so we'll see how it goes. I asked the doctor about him being a little person and she said he didn't show any signs of dwarfism so our guy is just small and Peter's fears are quieted.

The doctor also heard a heart murmur when she listend to his chest. She hadn't heard one before and said that 1 in 8 kids has one and it is no big deal, just the way they are made. However, she said she doesn't like to pass off babies and hearts so we are getting an ultrasound on Kale's heart on June 18th to make sure it is formed correctly. If it is, no big deal and we go on with our lives. If not, we'll go from there. Surprisingly, I am not worried. I know that heart murmurs are common and if there is something not "normal" I will worry about it then. Can you tell the Lord has been helping me in this area?

So, all in all, Kale is one healthy boy. Not crawling yet but rolling some on the floor. He started clapping last week and he's working on his pincer grasp. He eats with his hands more as you can see from the video below. I think he says mama but others may just hear ma, ma, ma, ma. I hear, "You are the best mom in the world and I love you so much!" not too interested in the picture this time, just wanted to flap his arms
hmm, found something else to be interested in i guess...
blowing rasberries for hours
and spit all over
having some cheese and puffs
spinach residue
he loves eating
i tried to help him stand up and he's not too sure what to think
he looks so funny standing there because he is so little!


northwestharveys said...

Glad the Dr. visit went well. What did they say about his ears? Hopefully the butter and gravy will do the trick :)

Love the video...interesting choice of music though :)

Glad you're all doing well-can't wait to see you in a month!

kelsey said...

i love peter's videos, though i do think the one you did of peter is the best one of all!! so glad you don't have a "midget" on your hands. peter cracks me up. how old is kale now? i finally get to hear the heartbeat on monday and am so excited!

Addie said...

Oh HELL YEAH. Naomi and I picked the music...because it's so incongruous. I love that little baby - he can spit up on my carpet any time. :)
Love you!

Joanie said...

Grampa and I are sending Auntie V to do some serious spoiling of that little bug! I will have her take him to Dairy Queen and have ice cream. Love him up for us.
Love you all

Anonymous said...

Weighing in with just one more opinion! Bug is SO much better at pincher grasp than just last week when we were gosh it's remarkable! He is just perfect---and so are his parents.
Love always,
Oma of the sock monkeys (doesn't THAT sound exotic!?)