Tuesday, June 24, 2008

here comes the sun little darlin'

let me tell you, being a stay at home mom during the summer is WAY more fun than in the winter. maybe i will change my mind when it is 100 degrees outside but even then, i can still go to the pool! taking a break after swimming to play with some toys
he didn't like this floaty (borrowed from a friend) too much. he was pretty far down and couldn't see all the other kids! also, he couldn't reach the water to splash. that is what he did when i held him. splash and then tried to swim away. next time i think i will just throw him in and see what happens.*
getting a baby to look at the camera in a pool is hard work
close enough
jack soaking up the sun (since this visit to the pool i have bought kale a similar float toy)
jack and kale sharing some toys

*for those of you who don't get my humor, i was kidding about throwing my son in the pool. i would definitely make sure he had a life jacket on first.


Anonymous said...

hopefully he didn't get mom's swimming skills!!

Anonymous said...

well, since Naomi was always the most compassionate teacher I had at the annual "let's teach Mom to swim" events we had at Fairmont, I'm sure he will swim just fine!!
She Who Sinks Like a Stone

Becky said...

I think Nomie is just as much a water bug as Kale! Please send some sun up here...the days are long but it's still 55!
makin memories....
love to all & she who sinks like a stone (I love you too!)

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! Have I mentioned that????!!!! I mean, a cold air conditioned building is hard to beat....but you manage to with all the hanging out by the pool in the sunshine!!

Reese said...

I'll have to attempt the big pool next week with my kiddos. You make it look so fun and sunshine-y!

Anonymous said...

Okay guys! Looks like Kale is just about ready for his first river trip. His Uncle Jon or Andy are ready to get him in the oars.
Maybe thats one of getting you guys down here, I'll get to take care of Kale and throw you two on the river. Prime water right now, you don't know what you're missing. Ray & Joanie will be here on the 2nd-its still not to late.
Miss you guys! Pat