Friday, June 20, 2008

thank you Jesus for...

...kale's heart is okay! we saw the doctor on wednesday and everything looked normal. kale was the perfect patient and let the technician look at his heart for almost 5 minutes! kale does have a murmur but the doctor said everyone does, they just sound different. our doctor just wanted to get kale's checked and everything is super!

...kale now weighs 15 pounds 14 ounces! he gained almost a pound in 2 weeks! favorite two people in the entire world allergies started acting up on sunday so i started taking the only allergy medicine i have found to stop me from sneezing non-stop, allegra d. unfortunately, not only does it dry up my nose, it dries up my milk supply. i could still pump a little but not much. i didn't take the medicine yesterday and i was just fine!!! completely amazing for me if you have ever been around me with allergies. my milk is coming back and kale even nursed this morning! if it had not come back i would be okay, maybe a little relieved to not stress about supply and definitely relieved to not have to try to wrestle kale to my breast sometimes. however, since it came back, we'll just see what happens.

...views like this everywhere!

...peter not letting me quit hiking the "m" even though i am lazy and wanted to just "enjoy the view" halfway up

...kale pooping at the bottom of the hike and not the top

...a little buddy that wears a cute hat and sunglasses

...a little friend who will play by himself, at someone else's house, within no one within 30 feet of him. peter and i got to enjoy some delicious bbq and friends while kale happily played and talked to himself in their living room, all by himself.

...kale not being mobile. i know we try to get him to crawl but i think i will just enjoy that if i put him down somewhere, he will be there when i get back!


Anonymous said...

Allegra D is all I can take too and does it make you have cotton mouth all day too!? I hate it but nothing else works!! I wish I had some natural remedy to suggest...but I don't.
your son is the easiest little buddy, he is just a sweet boy.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could come down next weekend, he's getting so big! But I'm just gonna warn you that next time I come, I'm gonna teach him to crawl! :) love you

Stephanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! You have such a cute little man, so glad he's healthy and growing! I've enjoyed reading through your blog...I'll be back!

kelsey said...

i love lists!! i'm glad kale's heart is good. that's such a relief. that picture from the top of the M looks amazing. I love bozeman this time of year. i'm totally missing the mountains (oh wait--when am i not?? :) you look so great in that picture you posted!!

Anonymous said...

We've been waiting here at the beach in Alabama to get the update on Kale-- (if I was a good friend I would have picked up the phone and called) and are so glad he's ok. Also proud of you as a mom for not freaking out about it. All around good job!