Monday, August 4, 2008


i rode down to fairmont with my family and peter met us there for a fun filled weekend. we played in the pool, lounged in the sun, napped, had great food, and laughed a lot. kale and dad swimming. peter's first time with kale in the pool.
such a cool dude
mama and kale practicing floating
kale isn't too interested in the family pic

grampa entertaining us all
part of the laughs i was talking about earlier...
"the things i do to make you people laugh"
just waking up

showin' some skin
what a pose!
mama showing everyone how it's done!

kale found his own entertainment

not pleased with this idea
auntie nessa giving him a back rub to calm him down

"dad, why would you want to hit this ball when you could just eat it?"
grampa teaching kale how to put....with a driver apparently
kale didn't like to crawl on this green. this is how he used to try to move before he figured out the army crawl.
entertaining everyone

kale is discovering how to undress himself. it is bright out, sorry.

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gpamoore said...

so much fun. Just one year what will the next hold. We love you and will be thinking of the little one on his birthday.