Monday, August 4, 2008


last week i was able to go up to hingham to spend some time with my family. my mom was in white sulphur springs spending time with my aunt ellie so peter drove me up there to meet her tuesday night. i drove back to hingham with her and then down to fairmont on friday with the family and peter met us there. i hadn't been home to just hang out since i graduated from high school so it was fun for kale and i to get so just be there, without another agenda of basketball games or graduations. enjoy the pics, there are lots! riding some bikes to the highway bar to get some ice cream cones
don't we look cool?
vanessa and kale playing in the backyard. ness took a break from painting the house to hang out. actually, it seems she was always on a break but who could blame her with this little guy to hang out with?
kale usually takes a few minutes to warm up to people he hasn't seen in awhile but not this trip. he was in true form.
this is a ceramic alligator that my parents have. my grandpa used to make ceramics so there are lots of random ceramic animals around our house. kale loved sliding this guy along the carpet.

the hingham park has lots of new play equipment that we took kale on. i am pretty sure we liked it more than he did.
trying to peek out the bottom of the swing at auntie ness
looks thrilled, doesn't he?
he was pretty indifferent about the swing

mama and kale going down the slide
mama liked it but i'm not sure about kale...

kale was exhausted that night after his photo shoot at the park!
i earned my keep up there by helping my sister clean up branches at the park and mowing the lawn. since we don't have a lawn in bozeman, i thought i would get my fix. i did, for the next 5 years i am set!


northwestharveys said...

So glad you got to go home...looks like you had a great getaway!

Deeapaulitan said...

Isn't it nice to reconnect every 5 years or so? I grew up in a tiny town too, and 5 years (I think it's been more like 8 for me) is just right in between visits!

What a great visit you seemed to have. (YOU made it into some photos too!)

kelsey said...

fun that you got to go home for a visit. i'm enjoying my time at home too, though i'm missing eli. maybe 3 weeks is just too long!

Anonymous said...

It was so fun having you at home for a few days. I love all the pictures. Kale was such a good boy and adapted so cheerfully to all the different time schedules, car rides, and sleeping arrangements. He is such a happy boy and you are both great parents.
love you all,

Addie said...

You're a hot mama! Looks like you've MORE than made up for Pete's pool time deficit. :) Thanks for all the great pics, and I'm glad you had fun up in the hinterlands!

Sharon said...

Great pics! Is Kale's hair coming in blonde? or was that the sunlight? Anyway, he is growing and changing (and holding himself up so well in the one picture.)