Wednesday, September 3, 2008

all kinds of stuff

we had a birthday party in the park on kale's actual birthday
i made chocolate cupcakes
kale is a very voracious eater
we go outside to say goodbye to dad every morning
kale's new car
peter has a hard time keeping his eyes open for pictures

i will post more about kale turning one and the new things he is doing, but for now, just know that he weighed 17 pounds and 4 ounces at the doctor today and everyone who guessed at the party on saturday was way over.


kelsey said...

i can't believe he's already 1!! so crazy. is he walking? i can't remember if you've said or not. such a cute kid you two made :)

northwestharveys said...

I love that he had a play date at the park with his friends :)

I love that you both wave goodbye to peter in the morning

I love how cute he looks in his new little car!

I love that peter looks crazy and you look gorgeous :)

you guys rock!!

Lindsey K said...

hey you are one hottie mama in that last picture!!! you still got it even with a one-year old :)

Anonymous said...

I love all those things too, Emily and I also love that Naomi posted twice in the last week!!! Thanks, Naomi! Oma and I are very happy :)
Love you all,
Grammie Joanie