Sunday, August 31, 2008


this weekend we had a lot of family in town bringing our siblings to college so we threw kale a birthday party. he loved all the attention and made out like a bandit with gifts. thanks everyone for coming! our resident photographer, john roth, took all the wonderful pictures. i actually took this picture and it was the front of the birthday invitations. we had an alphabet block theme.
i made a "k" shirt for the special boy
what a lucky boy
checking everything out
he actually figured out how to rip the paper

peter decorated our block cake
grandpa and kale
very interested in the flame

the frosting was so fun to play with!
so excited!

more was on him and the floor than in his tummy


northwestharveys said...

Oh yay-I am so glad his birthday went well. I can't believe he's aleady 1!

we love you guys...and especially Kale bug!

Kiersten said...

Happy Birthday Kale!
We miss you!
Aunt Kiersten, Uncle Mike and Cousin Liam

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kale Looks like you had a great day. Love Shanna

Deeapaulitan said...

Oh happy birthday little man. We're on Vacation, but I can't wait to see you all when we return ~ It feels like its been eons!!

(((hugs))) to the Kalebug. One year! (almost) :o) Time flies.

Lindsey K said...

I can not believe he is a whole year old! And you have your little sister close to you now too huh! hey I learned this weekend that our neighbors are from Hingam!!! I need to get their last name but they are 2 college age people and their parents own the house and they both just live there and her name is Linda and I also do not remember his...I'm good at this huh. He knew who you were but said that Linda graduated a year after you. Any idea? Isn't it a small world though!