Friday, October 10, 2008

lucky 13

as i sit here, i have just helped kale down from standing in his crib for the 3rd time this nap. he hasn't done it since last time we found him but now seems to be pretty proud of his new feat! if only he could figure out how to sit back down! cute and annoying both at the same time...but mostly cute. i had to bribe him with my phone so he wouldn't lunge at me to try and get the camera

two teefers on the bottom and one more poked through on the top
i find kale standing up against random things throughout the house now
morning snuggles
kale is now solely drinking cow's milk, he can't get enough
he pulled this dish towel down the other day and i found him like this awhile later.


Becky said...

such a BIG boy now with all those teeth! I can almost hear him with these great pictures...thanks Nomie.
Love, Oma

Anonymous said...

I agree Oma, great pictures. You know, Naomi, we can never get enough!! Jan D. told me Kale was the talk of the town after the football game last weekend. So much cuteness and smiles for everyone. He is a dear little boy!
Grandma J.

Anonymous said...

I changed my vote to halloween. Thus, you might hope I don't come to visit as he won't be doing any sleepng until he is walking. Actually I'm trying to be more positive. I voted way out before thinking he would do opposite of my vote. Now, I figured the kid would change my intuition as investing sure hasn't helped. You know how it seems to go sometimes. Dad

Addie said...

Love your little Superman!

Lindsey K said...

Happy Birthday Naomi! sorry it's late but I was very jealous of your gift...mostly the cheesecake!!yum

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!
Tell Kale to get ready, we're coming to visit. Can't wait to see him. Of course, we want to see the rest of the family too. We're leaving early Thurs. am, so see you soon. Adam will be coming up with guys from CSU, we're hoping he can get together with all of us on Friday evening.
Can't wait. Hansens