Friday, December 5, 2008

5 things

5 things i am loving right now

1. our house decorated for christmas

2. getting better at sewing and loving it more every project

3. lazy saturday mornings with my husband

4. kale's curiosity

5. pandora internet radio (i know i put this last time but the christmas music is great)
what are you loving right now?


northwestharveys said...

I like your new cabinet!

Anonymous said...

i love getting out of my dull dorm room and coming to your nicely decorated house and the fact that i'm gonna come eat those cinnamon rolls today :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Moore Family, Your decorations look very nice. Putting out Christmas stuff is fun and brings back great memories esp. while hanging all of the collected tree ornaments. Wait until you get to hang all of the things Kbug makes for you in school. I actually convinced Jesse to decorate our tree this year; I threatened not to put one up. He did a nice job.
So, who made the cinammon rolls-yum.
Have fun Christmas shopping and just enjoy the holidays.
Love you guys. Hansens

Lindsey K said...

Did you see, I posted in response to your post:) And by the way I am very impressed with your sewing project!!