Saturday, November 29, 2008

huffing for stuffing (edited)

edit: please let me know if the video is working now. thanks.
before we stuffed ourselves at sam and sara's on thanksgiving, sara, her mother-in-law kristin, and i participated in the "huffing for stuffing" 5k race. it was a beautiful day and i actually enjoyed it! we walked most of it and by most i mean all but the last 50 yards to cross the finish line. image is everything. the start of the race
after our trek. kristin, sara, me.

let's eat!

bug lookin' sharp for the big meal
kavy's living room

playing in the hall

sara, lily, and kale playing the piano

doesn't take much to excite this buddy!


northwestharveys said...

Love the pics, so glad you all had a great thanksgiving.
Your video is saying its no longer available.

Addie said...

Video not working. BOO.

Great pics though! And I applaud you all for keeping up your image. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for fixing the video. It was so worth the wait!!!
I am so proud of you for doing the Turkey Trot! A good rule of thumb, "whatever you do the rest of the race, always run across the finish line!"
Love you,
Mamma J