Friday, February 6, 2009

still just standing

so, kale has not braved taking any steps yet but he is getting very good at standing. i can tell he is thinking about taking steps but is still a little too cautious. he's just on his own little timeline i guess. he really likes to relax while enjoying his many meals. i don't know where this kid puts it all! he is constantly "asking" for snacks but is still just a little guy. high metabolism i guess.

finding some leftovers in his bib.

we bought a new corner desk/cupboard and kale has found a new place to climb in.

look at those skinny legs!

he put a red headband of mine around his neck and found a cowboy hat. a real buckaroo.

kale is trying to learn how to feed himself with a spoon. usually he tries using it for awhile and then gets frustrated and goes in for the oatmeal with his hands. a big mess to clean up but it keeps him busy!


northwestharveys said...

what a great series of pictures...just love 'em! I really hope we can see you all this spring or summer...keep me informed with details.
Love, auntie Em

Becky said...

A beautiful, curious, athletic lad clean or dirty! So busy! Thank you for each and every picture...such candy for me!
Love, Oma

Reese said... he holding a spoon in that last picture? His hand is in the spoon-holding-position but I swear there's no spoon in his hand...right?