Monday, February 16, 2009

why can't they live closer?

my parents were here over the weekend and my mom went crazy with our camera today before they left. since i forgot to take any pictures the rest of the weekend, i am glad we got something captured. hamming it up
he found an old hat in his bedroom from when he was a little baby. he is very into hats.

a real worker, with the gut and everything

kale and grandpa walked the halls of our building lots this weekend and kale wanted to wear his rain boots for the last hurrah.

another hat...

looking a little skeptical

kale thinks the weirdest positions are comfortable


Addie said...

I love his face. He's just so dear!

Hmm... we have some hats that no longer fit Blake's big noggin. Maybe we could swing by and give him more to play with? Because I'm sure you need more stuff like I need more stuff.


Anonymous said...

I wish we lived closer too! We had such a great time spoiling your son! Good thing Vanessa was there to rein us in a bit. He is the sweetest boy - easy to want to give him whatever he wants. Especially if it is only an m&m!
Grammie J