Monday, May 4, 2009

16 & 20

This last Saturday marked my 16th week of pregnancy and Kale's 20th month of life. My tummy is definitely sticking out, especially at the end of the day. Between 15 and 16 weeks is apparently when I start to feel better in pregnancy. Turned the corner this week. However, I have now caught a cold that I am trying to kick before we head to San Francisco on Wednesday to visit Peter's family. I really enjoyed the few days last week that I did feel good!
I let Kale drink a green smoothie out of a cup without a lid today. Here's what happened...

The green stash grows...

Now a beard
Ooooo, that's good.
He finally spilled it and had lots of fun painting with the green yumminess. (It is just a smoothie with spinach in it. Tastes just like a regular smoothie.)

Very fascinated with the whole shaving process

The duck/rat tail I just couldn't stand anymore so Kale got a haircut Saturday.

There is a robin's nest on top of our porch light.

The bright blue eggs!


northwestharveys said...

Love it! Love it all! I hope you feel better by wednesday. Don't forget to take an extra batter/charger...I don't want any excuses for not taking lots of photos :) Have fun...wish we could be there with you all!

Addie said...

Laughed at the smoothie face - he's so dang cute, especially his "O" face.

Also, love the robin eggs and nest. Wahoo for spring!

Sara said...

Lookin' good mama...and I love the green smoothie face too :)

J and Raq said...

Such a cute tummy-glad you are feeling better-have a great trip

Anonymous said...

Yum! Gary says, Kale if you want to eat something green, just go graze on the grass. Thats how much he is into veggies. Didn't dare tell the boys that though when they were eating their veggies. Hey, Dad, love that Blue Sky shirt. We need to get Kale a shirt, too. Not long before we're getting him on the river-our next river guide. Happy Mom's Day to Momma-you're looking good. Love you guys, Hansens