Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last weekend Peter and I got away for a couple nights in Missoula. Peter's mom Becky came down from Alaska for an extended weekend and stayed with Kale while Mom and Dad got a little break. The weather was beautiful, (it has since snowed at least 11 inches), we didn't worry about the clock or naptimes or dinnertimes. It was wonderful. Missoula was a fun town and below is the only picture we got because our camera battery died right away. There was a rec center that let people use bikes for free! We wanted to rent some bikes but didn't want to dish out the cash. We called our friend Micah who lives in Missoula and he told us about the rec center. Definitely a highlight of the trip. Finishing our afternoon outside
Oma and Kale has a wonderful time together when we were gone. No meltdowns and lots of time outside. We miss her lots and lots.

Kale and Jack having a snack outside last week. Oma had to see all the kiddos while she was here.

These two boys are always up for a snack.

Uncle John got a haircut on the porch while Kale and Peter enjoyed the sunshine.

We went to the park later and Kale showed off his skills on the slide for Oma.

One last story the night before Oma left.
We miss you Oma, come back soon!

Hopefully Kale got his fill of sunshine because it is supposed to be cloudy and snowy for the next week! Peter has escaped to Phoenix until Wednesday and oh how we wish we could have gone too!

I just had to include this funny video of Kale "loving" his bears.


kelsey said...

so glad you got to get away before baby 2 comes along! what a nice thing to have! loved the bear video!

Addie said...

Yay! And that's what it looks like when Rob loves on me and B. We get steamrolled.

Anonymous said...

I showed the new videos to the kindergarten today. I use the clips to move things along, "When everyone has their table cleared off, we will watch the video of Kale." They are disappointed that he won't be back to visit before the end of school. I told them we would go to a t-ball game when you come in June or to the swimming pool or both. Winston wishes he lived closer to you guys so he could go visit you!
Great post! Love, Grammie J