Monday, May 18, 2009

cali day 3

We went downtown San Francisco on Friday with Peter's stepmom Joyce. The weather was perfect again and we fit in as much touristy stuff as our little munchkin would allow before his nap. The trolley cars were not exactly what I was expecting. Does anyone else think they should be taller and red? Did I just watch too much Full House growing up?
A pirate ship in the harbor

We had some yummy cupcakes near a fountain. Kale didn't understand that you throw coins in the fountain, he wanted to go swimming in it.

As you can tell, he thought the trolley was pretty cool.

We made a guy run behind the trolley to take this picture.
The view back towards the wharf

Peter and I sat up front while Joyce and Kale sat near the back. Joyce said Kale thought the driver was pretty cool and tried to imitate him moving the levers.

You can't tell, but I am leaning out the side of the trolley.

We left our trusty GPS in the car. We could have used her a couple times
Such a trooper


I really wanted to find some of these houses in real life, like the ones in Full House of course. I had to settle for a post card in Chinatown. I think I really liked that show.
Kale really loved playing with Hunter the dog.

What would a visit to Chinatown be without an outfit from Nana Joyce?

He wasn't a big fan of the hat

Grandpa taught Kale how to play the guitar


northwestharveys said...

Every American child needs a Chinatown outfit ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you may have watched too much Mr. Rogers.