Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sick of cali pictures yet?

Well, we did a lot! Saturday we went on a wine tour that was really fun, even though I am pregnant. I did get to have some tastes and really enjoyed the whole experience. Our tour guide made the day. He made us feel very comfortable about wine and not intimidated at all. The grapes are just babies this time of year.
"Um, those don't look like the grapes I usually see"

Another beautiful day

It was a huge winery. We brought back 2 bottles of wine that we are saving for October, post-baby.

Kale enjoyed his milk at Sonic on the way home. It was our first time visiting a Sonic and I have declared it my new favorite fast food restaurant.
Mother's Day we went to lunch at a Kosher Deli that was delicious. After Kale's nap we went down to the Berkely Marina.
There is a crazy junkyard/playground down there that you have to be 10 and over to play in by yourself. You can build things, paint things and just play everywhere. It was pretty cool.

What's a trip to the playground without the ice cream cart going by?

Peter and Ari

Kale helping fly the kite.

We finished the day with a picnic in a park and said our goodbyes at the Berkely Rose garden. We had a great time!


kelsey said...

you're looking great!! glad you had so much fun in san fran!

Addie said...

Cute cute cute. Glad you enjoyed wine country even while prego! And good on Pete for saving the bottles for later. That's tough.

How you feeling?

J and Raq said...

I have always wanted to go to Sonic-I once heard a rumor they were coming to Billings-you never know! It is nice you are going on all these trips before the baby comes!

Vanessa said...

i heard there was a sonic coming to billings too but who knows. i miss kale so much!! i love being home but i also can't wait to get back there and see you all. love you

Kiersten said...

We have a Sonic in Frankfort, they're all over Kentucky... hint hint. Looks like a terrific trip--thanks for all the pictures :-)