Friday, September 4, 2009


Dear Kale-
It seems you are taking this 2 year old thing pretty seriously. Since your birthday two days ago, you have started using more words and started trying to put sentences together. Although it is still hard to understand most of what you say, it is fun to hear you try new words. Maybe you could stop the fits you've started throwing? :)

I love how you ask for your new tractors, guitar, drum, and balloon immediately after you wake up in the morning or after a nap.
I love that you danced at your birthday party when everyone was singing to you. And that you cheered when it was over.
I love how you ask for fruit snacks and nod your head yes to try to get me to agree with you.
I love all your crazy words: goof=juice, yar-yar=book, ca-ca=slide, winga=swing, too-too=tomato, train, toast, or our friend Tofer, ay-you=airplane, pee-ca=pizza, and those are only the ones I can remember at the moment!
I love getting kisses and hugs from you, randomly without asking.
I love how you try to jump but one foot always stays on the ground.
I love the sound of your feet running through the house, and the occasional crash that interupts that sound.
I love how you say hi to anyone, even dogs and cats.
I love your adventuresome spirit, even though I am constantly asking, "Where's Kale?"
I love that you ask to pray every time we sit down at the table and fold your hands and bow your head.

Kale, I love everything about you and am so proud to be your mama. Happy birthday Bug!


J and Raq said...

How sweet! Can't believe he is 2 already. Time flies- soon we'll be celebrating our grandkids 2 yr bdays! :) Hopefully, not too soon though! Anyway, he is a cute lil' guy!

Anonymous said...

Naomi, what a precious beautifully capture what's in your heart! pure love.
sending you 4 some of mine too, oma.

northwestharveys said...

excellent post! Love you all!

kelsey said...

what a great idea for a post to remember what he's doing at 2!

Lindsey K said...

I can not believe he is 2 and has a baby sibling on the's like we are big kids now or something? You are a great parents Naomi and Pete!