Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Kale had his first Trick or Treating experience this weekend and I wish I would have video taped it! He was so cute and so proud of himself. We didn't tell him there was going to be candy so when he got his first piece he was pleasantly surprised. He said "Tweat" instead of Trick or Treat and was very polite with his "Nay-you" (thank you). We hit up about 5 houses and our little deviled egg was a hit!

Peter hooked the camera up to the tv tonight and Kale liked seeing himself on the big screen.

Oh right, our second child! Joel is doing great. He is 3 weeks old and fitting right into our family. Hard to believe it has already been 3 weeks but also hard to believe he has only been here 3 weeks!


Anonymous said...

we won't call Joel bugsy ray

Vanessa said...

that picture definitely does not capture joel's cuteness haha :)