Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day by Day

With a month under our belts, we are still hanging in there! Every day is different, some good, some not so much. There have been tears and lots of fits thrown, some by Kale :), but also lots of good times and laughs. Peter and I are learning what it means to parent 2 children and trying to figure out the balance. We are gearing up for some time apart as Peter is going to be traveling next week and then possibly the first two weeks of December. I am going to Hingham for next week so that will be a ton of help but who knows how I will survive in December. Maybe I will buy stock in a wine company before then! :) Always keeping us on our toes and making us laugh.
Little bean is making himself comfortable in our family.

Every morning when I get Kale from his bed, he asks where "Baby Dole" is.

After a particularly long night.


Joanie said...

I know what you can do in December - come back to Hingham!! Can't wait to see you.
Nana J

Anonymous said...

it's all about adjusting and re-adjusting, because life is always changing....looks like all 4Moores are doing great...sending an ocean of love and gratitude!

northwestharveys said...

Whether the days seem long and tough or full of joy and laughter it is evident by the smiles on your boys faces...that you are doing a great job!

J and Raq said...

It definitely is a change from 1 to 2. I think it took Madelynn a good month or 2 before she fully accepted having someone else share her space. Now she pretty much adores having him here. It took me a lot longer before I adjusted to 2- I think I am almost there! ;) Justin is on the edge about having another b/c 2 is so much work but I hear 3 is easier so I hope to convince with that sooner or later! Wish I lived closer so I could take Kale for an afternoon. Anyway, soon you will be an ol' pro carting 2 little ones around! :)
Have a great weekend!


Deeapaulitan said...

I finally got to pop over and read!!! I miss you all already. I don't like you being gone.
Naomi, you are a wonderful mama. You are doing a great job with Kale and finding balance with 2. As difficult as it can be sometimes, it won't be that way for long. Don't just hang in there, relish the moments for what they are - - fleeting.