Saturday, December 12, 2009

month 2

I will do my best to dedicate this post solely to Joel. Sometimes a certain 2 year old steals the spotlight. :)

Joel turns 2 months today and it feels like he has always been here. Mostly because I don't remember what it is like to get a full night's sleep! He is working on waking up only once a night and last week I fed him at 9 and he slept until 5. He hasn't done it since but at least I know he can! We'll get there eventually. He has started smiling and cooing a lot more, something we have all enjoyed. He is extremely loved by his big brother and he puts up with the snuggles and near smothering very well. Look familiar?
Joel rolled from his stomach to his back at 6 weeks! I didn't believe Peter when he told me but sure enough, when we put him on his tummy and propped him up on his elbows, he flipped right over! Now he does it all the time and doesn't need to be propped on his elbows. I have a feeling this guy is going to be moving sooner than we will be ready for!

At his 2 month appointment Joel weighed 10 pounds and 9 ounces and measured 22 inches. 25th percentil across the board. It has been fun to see the little rolls develop on his legs.

Some smiles and coos for the family far away. Joel gets to go on his first plane ride next Saturday. Please pray for our sanity!


Joy Joy said...

He slept 9 to 5?! Nice! Selah has done that ONE TIME and she's pushing 9 months... Have a fun trip for Christmas!

Lindsey K said...

He looks so much like Kale!! What a punkin :)

Joanie said...

Thank you for these posts and pictures. They never fail to make me smile and laugh, no matter how many times I look at them!

Anonymous said...

Joel seems to have a good disposition at this time. Have a good trip north. ray

Deeapaulitan said...

Already missin' you guys! Hope you are relaxing and enjoying every moment!
Merry Christmas!