Monday, December 7, 2009

Sub-zero temperatures have kept us very close to home the last few days. In fact, this morning while I was driving, I realized I hadn't been outside in the daylight since Sunday. Kind of sad if you ask me. Getting anywhere with 2 kids is a production any day, let alone when it is -20 degrees outside! However, we are Montanans so if we stayed inside every time this weather came, we would never leave the house! We hope you are all staying warm and enjoying the Christmas season. It has been fun to talk to Kale about it but we don't have a tree this year so I'm not sure how much he grasps. I let him play with one of our Nativity scenes and his favorite part is the camel. I'm sure he'll catch right on when he starts getting presents. :)

Joel has inherited his big brother's Elmer Fudd hat. Joel fits the role perfectly too since he has no hair on the top of his head.
Sometimes I find myself not taking many pictures of Joel because I think I already have the picture of Kale!

Before the icy cold hit, Peter and Kale went sledding Saturday morning. Apparently, he liked being pulled around better than going down the hill. When I asked him about sledding when he got home, he just told me he got snow in his face.

I was happy to stay home in the warm house with Joel.
My favorite part of sledding, the cocoa afterward. I think it is Kale's favorite too.
Warming up watching football with Dad.
Peter is on his way to New York right now for a couple days. He borrowed his brother's Ipod Touch for the trip and he and Kale were playing some of the games. Kale listened to the music while Peter played. I tried to get a video of him dancing to the music but it was too dark. Too bad for you because it was hilarious!

Never a lack of energy around here.


northwestharveys said...

If only we all got our exercise by running around the dinning room table-there'd be no need for expensive gym memberships!

naomi said...

Hilarious post babe. Way to go capturing the fella's personalities at the moment

Joanie said...

Oh my! Energy is right. What is he saying over and over again? I miss him!!

Reese said...

One thing I really appreciate about Kale is his genuine joy and excitement about little everyday things...singing, dancing, clapping, running around the table, seeing his friends. I always feel so welcome when I come into your house and he runs to greet us, smiling, hugging, and shouting all of our names. He's a keeper :)

Addie said...

Now get him a hamster wheel and hook it up to the grid. Your meter will be running backwards in no time!