Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As promised

As I mentioned, we were a little busy in January. And by we, I mean Peter. Of the 31 days in January, Peter was gone for 15 of them, 16 if you count our time in Alaska. He visited Chicago, San Francisco, and Switzerland. We was with the Swiss for 8 days, all of which the boys and I took over my parents' house. I'm sure I would have survived the time if I had stayed in Bozeman but I doubt it would have been as much fun for anyone. However, even with all the help, it's just not the same without Dad around and we are glad he doesn't have anymore trips planned for awhile

K and I walking to visit Papa in Hingham. I'm not sure if it ever got above 20 degrees while we were there.

Why not wear your underwear on your head?
Love that owl lamp!

no caption needed

After I spent so much time as a single parent :) my husband let me have a break. I spent last weekend with 3 of my closest friends in Billings for an all girls + babies weekend. Reese and Addie's parents graciously allowed us to stay at their lovely home while they were living it up in Costa Rica. Even though our babes were with us, it was wonderful not to have any 5 year olds, 4 year olds, or 2 year olds around. When we put the babies down, that's where they stayed! It truly was glorious. Kale and Peter had a great time without me. Maybe we can start making this a regular thing! There were no pictures taken of any of the ladies there but there were a few of the kiddos and you can see them here.

In other news...

The tenant who was renting our condo never found a roommate so she will be moving out this weekend. Not exactly what we were hoping for. First of all, finding a new tenant in February is not cool. No one moves in winter! Second of all, we now have to lower our rent price. Granted, she was paying way too much for a 2 bedroom, but she agreed so we didn't argue. If you or anyone you know needs a place to live in Bozeman, check it out! Also, if anyone needs a great investment property, we will give you a screamin' deal. :)

When all of this is happening, it helps when you can get a good night's sleep so things aren't as daunting during the day. Ha! I wish that was happening for me. Joel and his sleeping is a conundrum. He won't sleep unless he is swaddled but breaks out of it all the time. During the night, he is waking up almost every 2 hours to be rewrapped and have his suckie put back in. Sunday night was my breaking point. Now, after his last feeding before bed, I set my alarm for 6 hours later and shut my door and turn on the fan. It might sound harsh but I need sleep! He wasn't eating so I knew he wasn't hungry. The hardest part is that I know he can go a long stretch at night because he has done it before. If only he could find his thumb or fingers, everyone would drink much less around here.
Curious little fella
He's lucky he's cute!


Joanie said...

Ok, the owl lamp goes... to your house!!

northwestharveys said...

Johnny and I laughed so hard at that second to last photo :) too funny. I'm proud of you for growing Kales hair out...I know how hard it is for you :) It makes him look older. I pray that Joel becomes a little less high maintenance with his sleeping...I think we spoiled him over Christmas! Glad you're all back home safely from your travels.

J and Raq said...

So impressed you survived with Peter gone that long and so jealous of your girls weekend! Totally understand about the no sleep thing- I am still there-Finley still won't sleep through the nite. Working on it though is no fun!