Monday, February 15, 2010

Making himself known

It is so fun to see the different personalities of our boys. Joel's is coming out more every day. He LOVES to be where the action is and is a mover! As you can see from the movie below, the Bumbo seat is not a safe place for our little squirmer. He turns in circles on the floor and can't get enough of his big brother. It is like he is taking in everything Kale does so he can make his move as soon as possible. Of course Kale loves his little brother and asks where "BabyDole" is several times a day.

He has been sleeping better since we finally borrowed a velcro swaddler. What a difference it has made! The first night we used it, I didn't have to re-wrap him once! Of course he has figured out how to get a hand or 2 out now but it happens so rarely that we don't care! He is sleeping longer at night and only eating once. Kale started sucking his fingers at this age and then slept through the night. Joel's hands are always in his mouth but there is more chewing than sucking going on. Hopefully 4 months is the magic age for Joel as well but who knows. My goal is to have him sleeping through the night by the end of the Olympics. Peter said he would give me a gold medal if I did. :)Smiley Chubs

I hope his blue eyes stick around.
Caught a little dribble on camera.


kelsey said...

oh those first baby laughs. i forgot how cute they are! joel is just so cute and precious naomi! i'm glad he's sleeping better and good for you on just making him cry--but i'm glad you found a bundler! cute cute boys!

northwestharveys said...

so fun! I hope you win a gold metal!

northwestharveys said...

(medal, not metal :) )

Hannah said...

I was just catching up on your little family and read the de-lurking post. I had to laugh out loud cause I am a total lurker and I'm coming out! I read your blog all the time and I love your little boys:) thanks for letting me watch your boys grow up, keeps me connected to the homeland a bit.