Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All things bikes

Seems bikes have taken over our home lately. Peter has started riding for exercise and the rest of us tag along every once in awhile. He slows down for us and goes about 1/4 of the distance. We borrowed a bike trailer from some friends and the boys love it. Kale for sure. Joel usually can't see but he doesn't complain so I think he likes it. I love going because Peter hauls the boys and I ride on my own. I get to be with them but can't hear them. Really the best scenario. :)
Pete and Kale taking advantage of our large parking lot. K doesn't know how to pedal yet but scoots along just fine.

Adding a few gadgets to the bike.
Our 2nd ride as a family. Joel is of course eyeballing the snacks and Kale finally gets to use his helmet for its created purpose.
My favorite boys.
Before our long trek. I left him here for about 1 minute and came back to find he had crawled off the curb face first. However, he wasn't fazed in the least. He just kept striving towards his goal of whatever had fallen down there.


kelsey said...

You are such a good mom. I never put a helmet on Blake when he's in our bike trailer! I don't even have one!!!!

becky roth, owner & chief visionary said...

...joel is such the silent investigator...once he stops leaving spit-up as his trail, it will be harder to find him. we might want to invest in a GPS system for him. keep riding! love, oma becky.

Joanie said...

I LOVE the picture of Joel eyeing the snack cup! Of course the snacks are the most important part of any outing!!

Harvey Globetrotters said...

Love it love it love it! So fun to see the boys...feeling far away...it helps :)

joven said...

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