Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blueberries and The Beach

The first few days we were in Juneau were gorgeous. The temperature never got above 80 but everyone there was convinced it was a heat wave. Since it rained the rest of the week we were there, I can see why they were so excited.
The jury is still out on who exactly had the most fun playing in the sand...
The temp this day was borderline coat weather for me. The wind was blowing at the beach and I was a little chilly. However, as you can see in the background above, that doesn't stop the kids in Juneau. They were swimming in the ocean. Underwater. In swimming suits. I couldn't believe it but Peter said that's just what kids do when the sun comes out. I guess I shouldn't complain about our 90 degree days anymore.
Our little cheerio boy.
I tried to stop Joel from eating the sand but it was a battle not worth fighting.

There are quite a few blueberry bushes around the house. K and Peter went hunting and came back rather quickly when they heard some crashing a few yards away. There are also a few bears near the house!
These are not like the blueberries I buy in the store. They are more sour and stain everything blue. I should know, I change a lot of diapers.
Oma Becky and K making blueberry muffins with the fresh blueberries.
Enjoyed by all!


Harvey Globetrotters said...

nice, I love all the pics. The last one is very artistic :) Thanks for skyping this morning/evening love you guys!

r.oberly said...

Summer 2012--we're on! This looks too wonderful!

aubyn said...

Alaska looks beautiful! I also like your long hair :)

Reese said...

Alaska, summer 2012? We wanna come too! I do not, however, want to bash any crab heads. :)

kelsey said...

so do you love your ergo carrier? i love mine, but i've never used it on the front, only as a backpack. i guess i'll see how i like it on the front soon enough!