Thursday, August 26, 2010

We'll ease you in

We squeezed a lot into our recent trip to Alaska. One of the many highlights was taking Papa Greg's boat out to catch some crab. The weather was gorgeous and we had a bountiful harvest. :)
The ride back to town. I love how the mountains come right out of the water.
Eating licorice and pulling crab pots. Doesn't get much better.
This was just 1 of the 4 pots!
"Helping" mom drive the boat. The wake behind the boat when K drove was quite interesting.
Such a warm day!
One of the larger of our bounty.
Yes, this is how you clean it. Kill it by smashing the head on a corner and cleaning out the guts. I didn't participate in this part but I did participate in the partaking later that night!


lanerdoo said...

Yummmmm. Beautiful and delicious! What a fun time! I love crab, and would gladly smash some heads and gut em in order to eat that succulent white leg meat.

Harvey Globetrotters said...

haha, I would have loved to see Kale bug drive the tug boat! Anxiously awaiting more pics! (no need to ease!)

jenty said...

if you come up again this winter, let me know... i may be able to make it to juneau.

J and Raq said...

what a fun trip-so jealous! :o) your boys are growing so fast and they are adorable!