Saturday, November 20, 2010

Catch up

A kind of catch all from the last month-ish

My monkey and dinosaur/dragon on Halloween. K's costume was Peter's when he was a little boy. He loved dressing up and was shocked when all he had to do was knock on someone's door and receive candy.
We rationed the Halloween candy and he received one treat a day. It was great to get him to eat his meals but probably not so great for his teeth. Is it really better to have them splurge right away and get it over with? He was in a sugar coma after this huge candy bar.

Joel climbs on EVERYTHING. Did you notice how he pushed the cart over to use as a step stool?
Reminds me of this guy.
Our first snow was promptly christened.
Ready for snowman building!
Pete's dad, Patrick, came up for an impromptu visit the beginning of November. We took a trip out to the Gallatin to capture the Moore boys.
Papa helped K build his first snow man. The boys thoroughly enjoyed his time here. They played, read, laughed, and went on some adventures. Kale has wanted to build a snowman every day since.
When Papa was visiting, we put the boys together in Joel's room to sleep. It went so well that we have continued to keep them together. We have since turned Kale's old room into a play room/guest room/someday a sewing room. :)
Kale has nicknamed Joel "Jobie". It has caught on with the rest of the family as well and seems to fit our little spaghetti loving guy.


kelsey said...

i wish i got a play room by having my boys sharing (which they're doing). alas, just a boring guest room still. and it's so jam packed it definitely cannot double as a play room. and i know i say this a lot, but you got some seriously cute boys. (and i wish you could bring me a meal too!)

Harvey Globetrotters said...

Great post...what a summary of the last month. Good to see these boys smiling :) I can't believe how big Joel is getting since we saw him this summer! What a great picture of the Moore boys!