Friday, January 28, 2011

Where all the answers are "yes"

Peter: "You're going to want to see this. You're going to be pissed but you're going to want to see it."

Is that Kale's toothbrush Joel is playing with in the toilet?
Is that wet toilet paper seemingly thrown at the wall?
Was there pee in the toilet before they started playing?
Was that towel holder Joel has on his head previously in the toilet as well?
Did I speak in an extremely stern voice to my children?
By extremely stern do I mean yell?
Did I laugh through it all?
Did we pay a large price for 20 minutes of silence after dinner?
Was it worth it?


Starsha said...

LOL - I'm just glad these things don't just happen at my house. :)

Harvey Globetrotters said...

I was just telling Johnny last night that we need to live close to ya'all because you're such a great and wise mom!
...I still think you are :)

kelsey said...

loved this. i love reading your blog because i feel like it's just looking at my future. i'm glad you're here to go through it all first for me! it'll make it easier!! love you friend!

Joanie said...

Did this post make me laugh?
Am I glad it was you and not me?
Is ingesting a little toilet water probably part of everyone's childhood?
Do I love these boys?

Reese said...

I think the soaked-toilet-paper-wad-bomb-on-the-wall-thing was brilliant. You should be proud. :)

Lindsey K said...

I am just impressed that you had the thought to grab the camera, well done!

Lindsey K said...

I just need you to know that Chad and I just read this again and laughed... again.