Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing catch up

Yes, it has been well over a month since my last post. I have a good excuse though! I just started my own business and my time that I usually use to update all my loyal readers is now being used to help people get great skin! For more info, check out my website. I also promise to update more often. :)

Okay, onto the cuteness. Joel has been walking for a good month now and using it to his every advantage. Counters we once thought were safe can now be reached by little fingers. It is amazing what he can reach even though he is still so little! He and Kale play more together and Joel copies his every move. I have even seen Joel sucking his fingers the same way Kale sucks his. More words are coming daily and I can tell this little guy is going to be a handful. How can I tell? Because he already is. It is like he has a radar for mischief.

Kale is playing more independently and there seems to be a constant dialogue going between any 2 toys he has in his hands. He is learning the skill of negotiation and loves his friends to no end. We recently spent an extended amount of time with the family of one of his closest buddies and I felt like I didn't see Kale for a whole day! He's more into what dad's up to and if any animal is brought up in conversation he asks if someone shot it.The main reason Kale wants to help bake anything is for this final sweet moment.
I don't blame him, this cake is good!
This is from later in February and Kale was swimming.
Joel's snow boots are about 2 sizes too big for him this year and since he just started walking, I didn't bother to buy him any new ones. So mom got a good workout while shoveling and Joel didn't just sit on the ground and cry.
Joel sees Kale pushing chairs over to help in the kitchen and uses the same technique to try to escape this prison we keep him in. The one where we only serve food every 3 hours instead of non-stop as he would prefer.
Seriously, this kid will eat anything.
Oh the cheeks!
He loves hats just like his big bro.

Smoothies are making a repeat appearance at our house lately. Berries, yogurt, and milk are our recent favorite.
I hope this is the last snowman of the season! However, the snow makes Peter and I even more excited for our Hawaii trip in April!
The hugging was short lived. The next day Kale demolished the poor guy with his golf club.


Harvey Globetrotters said...

You guys sure know how to have fun!

Only two more weeks before Hawaii!!!

Addie said...

It all makes me so happy!

How are you guys getting the airport? Wanna go together?!