Wednesday, February 16, 2011



:: The hungarian partridge family that has taken up residence in the neighborhood. They scurry from yard to yard and leave great footprints in the freshly fallen snow.
:: Sunny afternoon coffee in the playroom. By myself of course.

:: Taking advantage of a sunny morning outside in February.

:: This salad for lunch. I eat it at least once a week, usually more. I only use 1 can of beans and tuna and no red onion, of course. Also, cilantro instead of parsley. I eat it with celery and/or saltines and usually all of it in one sitting.


:: Responsibility.
:: Ingenious ways to get what he wants.

:: How to win graciously. This is Kale after he kicked my butt in Memory last week. 4 days after I bought the game. (For 75 cents from a thrift store I might add.) He got every single match during this game and I was trying.

:: New forms of Mobility

What are you loving/learning these days?


Harvey Globetrotters said...

I REALLY like these photos. It looks like you are exploring your camera more:) The video is great! I love watching Joel begin to walk...although he is hilariously fast and cute on his toes and hands! Makes me miss you guys SOOO much!!!

Harvey Globetrotters said...

PS, I love the photos in your kitchen...good choices :)

Lindsey K said...

Loving:sunny days with snow on the ground, still ordering iced coffee even though it is 30 degrees out, stretching....i don't do it enough but 15 minutes in the evening is making a big difference
Learning: my favorite learn this week was from Romans 8, that it is the Holy Spirit's role in my life to remind me that I am God's child. Never thought of asking for help on that one before, but it has been a nice revalation!