Sunday, October 2, 2011


Apparently, blogging is not my specialty. Instead of trying to catch you up completely, I'll just hit the highlights. And only one highlight at this time.
We were blessed to spend almost 3 weeks in Alaska this August. I am so thankful to be married into a family where we can be around each other that long and still like one another. Well, mostly. :) Here is a slide show of a handful of our nearly 400 pictures. Enjoy! *Now with comments! :)


Addie said...

I love this family.

But more of your photos need captions. Looks lovely, and I'm so envious of three blissful (I can hope) if rainy weeks!

naomi said...

I tend to over explain so I skipped them. Added some for you now!

Justin and Racquel said...

Beautiful pictures...kind of jealous-have to admit! Your family is so adorable-hope you guys are doing well! Always hope I will bump into you sometime...soon maybe? :o)

Lindsey K said...

I would like to join you in a fire on the beach. With drinking. Please? :)