Monday, January 23, 2012

Catch up

So, if I wait to do individual posts about everything we've done the last 4-5 months, I'll never get this thing updated again. So, here is a mass update. Then I'll update more. At least in theory. :)
  1. Kale turned 4 in September. And the Transformer craze kicked into high gear at our house.
  2. Kale went to his 1st MSU football game. He is a big bobcat fan and apparently Joel is a grizzly fan. At least he counters all our bobcat cheers with a grizzly cheer. Stinker.
  3. We took a trip to San Francisco/Oakland. I went early for a Convention for my business and then my awesome husband followed with the kiddos a couple days later. We visited Pete's family in Oakland and enjoyed the California weather. We packed about 4 activities into every day. There is just so much to do there! Oakland Zoo, 3D movie, apples from the backyard, walks, parks, the beach, San Francisco Giants game, ice cream at Fentons (the kids didn't understand why we kept referring to the movie UP) , a joint birthday party and lots of fun in between.
  4. Joel turned 2 in October and thoroughly enjoyed having toys all his own. Kale wasn't a big fan of that.
  5. Peter shot 2 deer. Joel now asks if everything he is eating is deer.
  6. We went to Hingham for Thanksgiving. My brother joined us and the house was filled with requests for "Uncle Jonny Muscles" to play monster downstairs. All.the.time. He definitely got his fill of nephew time.
  7. We hosted Christmas. My parents and sister joined us, as well as Peter's brothers, John and Alex. We had lots of fun and played lots of Settler's of Catan.
  8. We moved a week after New Year's. Yes, again. We finally found a place that really works for our family and we appreciate it so much more since we had a 6 month stay in a 2 bedroom basement apartment. Every day I feel like I appreciate something new.

So that's what has been happening! I probably forgot something important but if I don't publish this now, it might now happen for another 2 weeks. Here's to more updates in 2012!


kelsey said...

yay for an update!

Addie said...

I remember when you used to blog... this was great!