Monday, January 30, 2012

Forgot one

Seems I forgot a big event in my last post. We had our 1st broken bone. According to the 4 year old witnesses, Joel was jumping off the couch at a friend's house. All I heard from the kitchen was, "Emergency! Emergency!" After examination of the bent arm by the rational husband of the house we were visiting, we headed to the doctor. This tough little guy stopped crying by the time we left the neighborhood. He was a champ.
He wore a soft splint for about a week.

The sling lasted about 20 minutes. And the broken bone didn't slow him down at all. He ran down the hall leaving the doctor.

He was thrilled to get an orange cast and proceeded to tell EVERYONE he had an owie. In fact, 4 weeks after he got it off, he still tells people about it.

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Lindsey K said...

awww, what a tough cookie. I think probably tougher than me!