Wednesday, February 21, 2007

medium green olive

We are on our way to 10 weeks and doing well. I have a book that says that our baby is about the size of a medium green olive. A very interesting comparison. Every day is different in terms of how I feel, I am just taking one day at a time. We had a long weekend and I got lots of rest. Peter did get to go fishing and caught a couple rainbows. This is a short work week which is nice. I find myself looking forward to weekends more and more. Here is a link to see how the baby is growing and such. Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Funny how 10 weeks sounds like lots more than 9!! Glad to hear you had a restful weekend. I read on the baby development site that you, the mom, might be feeling more gassy than usual at this time. Good luck with that, Peter.
All my love to you all,
Nana Lipp

Micah said...

Mmm... I like olives. I like babies too. Can't wait for Reese and me to get one. We're thinking Aaron Micah for a boy or Hailey Rae for a girl. Tell me it's cool. If yours is a girl, will you honor me by naming her Micah?

Jennifer said...

I'm such a booger! I didn't even know about the wee little one!!! I'm so very excited for you both! *Sigh*
Remember when we were exploring the sex textbook to find the most effective ways of getting pregnant? Yeah. Those were some good times.

I'm so glad I know now. I'll certainly be keeping you and your perfect little baby in my prayers. I love and miss you!!!!

~Jennifer :)

Oma Becky said...

Well first it was little bean, and now we're a green olive--this is certainly a baby that will grow up and love vegetables! This IS good! And since I'm knitting a purple and green hat that looks like a raspberry....I think I'm getting hungry!
Our love to you three...our little food group!
Oma Becky