Tuesday, August 12, 2008


we are in oregon staying at an awesome house on the beach in lincoln city.  peter's mom's whole side of the family is here and we are having a sort of mini-reunion.  we started off in portland...
kale and liam heading down the slide at a picnic we had in portland
these guys are getting along great
such cuties!

my friend brianna lives in portland and stopped by the park during our picnic to say hello
a fun coffee for breakfast
our first day on the beach was perfect!  we drove to lincoln city from portland in a caravan of 3 vehicles and 12 people, plus luggage and groceries.  it went very smoothly and we got to the beach around 4:30.  kale was a little skeptical of the cold water.
kale and liam don't quite know what to think of the waves

kale was so tired at this point in the day that i don't think he would have liked anything.
today it is cold and cloudy.  we went for a walk aways up the beach anyway and checked out some fun stuff
here is peter's reaction to this....
....a dead sea lion on the beach.  smelly
playing frisbee with johnny and emily


Addie said...

I would have liked to see how he kept Kale from getting frisbeed in the face!

I didn't know you guys were there...now I'm glad I didn't stop by today. Call me when you get back, and I will bring you a coffee. We can chat like old times.

kelsey said...

you guys are doing such fun things this summer. i'm so jealous that peter gets to vacation with you. eli doesn't get a vacation forever because of training, even though he has so much time saved up...sad. enjoy oregon. it's eli's favorite state!

Joanie said...

Thanks for the fun update of your trip. A house right on the beach? Wow! I hope you have some warm sunny days and cool cozy nights. Tell Becky and all hello from us.
Love, Mom

Reese said...

So happy to see your update. Looks and sounds like there is no shortage of good times - exactly how a vacation should be. Peter, slurp down a tabasco-drenched mussel for us!;)

Stephanie said...

Great pictures! Love the kids on the slide!

Sharon said...

Great memories for me. We moved to Oregon when my daughter was just months old, and I have pictures of her first walk on the beach - also in hooded shirt, long pants.

The gray and cloudy sky actually makes me feel nostalgic -- but only for a time. After about 3 years there I really missed the blue sky of Montana.