Monday, August 25, 2008

more beach pics

we just got these pictures from peter's brother john. he is a great photographer and really can capture a moment or a person. we will have more coming and also some more updates on life back in bozo. peter will have to explain this one in the comments, i didn't go on the hike
this is everyone who did go on the hike!
i love how this one captures his eyes
almost the whole group, missing about 5 or so people.
a beautiful sunset, again captured by john roth
view from our porch
he got this excited yesterday and bonked his head on the floor. he wasn't excited anymore
we leave this kid with any family member....

kale in his surfer/swim shirt
concentrating on one of many delicious breakfasts
sleepy head
looks kind of like he is trying to poo
all better


Joanie said...

Finally new pictures!! I had the one of Kale with his jeans on his head on my desktop and the new kindergarteners were really wondering about this kid. These are great pictures - John really has an eye for photography!
See you soon,
Love, Gramma J

Addie said...

YAY! I love your updates, and your son is also quite endearing. I had fun with you today, though we'll have to try harder to actually have a conversation next time. Those kids may be cute, but they sure are distracting!