Wednesday, October 29, 2008

just because i feel sorry for you

our camera is broken and we won't get our new one for a few more days. i don't want to share all the pictures that deea took because some might be in christmas cards but here is another one of buglin.these pictures are a little older and the last one shows how kale spends most of his days. as mentioned earlier, he absolutely loves books. when i get a little pile together to read to him on the couch, he can barely hold himself together he is so excited. i love it. playing on the very small patch of grass outside our house that doesn't have dog poop on it. we love our neighbors!

he loves being outside too.

how i often find him throughout the day.


kelsey said...

have i mentioned that i love that kale is such a lover of books?? i hope my little guy loves them too. he better, since we have a lot of them for him!

northwestharveys said...

Johnny and I looked at plane tickets to come see you today...700$...I told Johnny that was a good deal to come see Kale :)

love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Kale!
Can't tell you how much fun we had visiting with everyone and just playing with you! I just wish we lived closer; we would be "bugging" you, including your mom and dad, all of the time.
We're hoping to make it up in March for your great, great Aunt's 100th; lets hope we can all get together again to celebrate. Of course, we would love to have everyone down for some skiing this winter too. Hint!
Now, lets see if we hear from your mom. Hah! Remember us in Colorado, Naomi. Love you guys!