Wednesday, November 26, 2008

randomness from the last few weeks

dad and kale sharing a snack

doing some chores
reading a story to his friends, mason left, smith right

watching some cartoons. it lasted about 1 minute.

unfortunately, they all love this singing bug. i do not.

taking a break from eating the bubbles

one of his current favorite toys. the others include a cardboard box, tupperware, and a cardboard tube.
kale is learning to climb


Addie said...

I love it. He is the cutest Kale around. Whenever the giver of the singing bug has children (or grandchildren), give them one JUST LIKE IT.

Anonymous said...

This is the giver of the singing bug. If only they printed reviews of the toys on the boxes I would have known it was rated "most annoying ever" from parents. Sorry, Naomi. At least the boys like it...
Grandma J

Lindsey K said...

well I will most definately see you when I am there!! I know they are way over priced....I wonder why? Is the Rockin TJ ranch all that incredible? There is a nice dinner included but how nice can it be? I am hoping for filet mignon...yummy.