Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hunting and gathering

peter, sam, kale, and i trekked up to hingham last wednesday so the boys could hunt in the sweet grass hills and the grandparents could munch on kbug. we decided to go munch some lunch with my mom's kindergarten on friday. and munch we did. i think kale ate more than half the 5 year olds. needless to say, he was a hit. he ate lunch, went down the slide on the playground and had a large poop. he took a great nap when we got home. keepin' up with the boys

grandpa trying to get the bug to walk. he is closer everyday folks! i'm not sure if the thanksgiving voters will get their wish but he's on his way. he's walking around furniture and even tranferring from the couch to the coffee table. my bet is on christmas. yikes, that scares me a bit.

the hunting trip was successful and peter came home with a doe and a buck. in the spirit of the economy, peter cut them both up himself. we'll have someone grind most of it into burger. i helped the first night until 1:30 in the morning. the next night peter's brother john helped and we were in bed by 12:30. we are feeling it today.

the kitchen will smell like bleach for a few days and my hands are very dry but at least i know the kitchen is safe to use again.


The Marshall Family said...

WOW! you are quite the sport helping your man chop up that deer...YUCKY!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Are you also going to display the mighty rack of horns in a prominate place?? (I wish this comment box had spell check)I'm so glad Peter had hunting success. It was a great visit and the kindergarteners are still talking about Kale. They would welcome him back anytime. It's funny that if anyone of them has a little toot they make a big deal of the smell but Kale's diaper fragrance was overlooked - maybe they are learning some manners after all!
Love, Grammma J

Lindsey K said...

Way to go Peter on your big kill :) and I, once again, marvel at Kale's metabolism...of course he took a big poop! love you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Moore family. Hi Kbug! Boy! Naomi, you're better than me-I made Adam goes to his friend's house to cut up all their elk meat.
Kale must of had a great time at school. Great show and tell for Grandma. Grandpa will have him walking all over the place after this weekend. I'll place my bet.
Wish we could all be there to help celebrate Thanksgiving with you guys. I'll go anywhere if I don't have to cook. Hah! Have a great time. Love you guys! Hansens

Addie said...

Hauling all that meat up those stairs is almost as impressive as butchering it yourselves (but I grew up with Dad doing that to Mom's kitchen, so it's not THAT weird for me to think of). Well done! And the deep clean is probably just as satisfying for other reasons.