Monday, November 10, 2008

loving right now

5 things I am loving right now...(idea stolen from Reese)

1. Pandora Internet Radio. This awesome site lets you listen to "internet radio", for free! I just create a channel based on an artist I like and it plays music by that artist and similar artists. I can also make a "quickmix" of artists and have a shuffle of different music. It is always playing in my house throughout the day.

2. My new jeans. I bought these downtown this weekend with some leftover birthday money. They fit great, aren't too low, and the best part, just the right length.

3. My husband's ingenuity in the kitchen.
On Saturday we went through our finances for the last two months and were shocked into starting a budget. On that note, I won a bet and Peter had to make hors douvers from what we had in the house. Had I been challenged in this sense, I would have gone for cheese and crackers. Not my husband. He used shrimp from the freezer, leftover steak, leftover mashed potatoes, and some frozen pie crust to make the pastries below. He then also paired it with some sort of carrot compote that was delicious and a balsamic vinegar reduction sauce. I was and am still amazed. I think he could have his own tv show

My boys going out Saturday morning to get us cinnamon rolls. (And how funny Kale looks in these clothes)


Finding my bug reading in his favorite little spot. Makes me proud every time.
What are you loving right now?


kelsey said...

LOVE those pictures of kale reading his books. so dang cute! i really like this blog idea...i may steal it from you! :)

Reese said...

Loving right now:
Your blog template! And you, too. :)


Helene said...

I love the pictures of Kale reading books. I love the fact that I have been able to read your blog for the first time in a long time. And----I love you guys. Love from Chernigov, Ukraine.

Aunt Ellie

northwestharveys said...

Everytime I read your blog (which is everyday) I want to come visit! Why do you and Peter have to make such cute babies!!!

I love the "put together" outfit of Kale going to the store.

glad you all are having fun!

Addie said...

You have a cute butt.

Jess said...

i am loving your BLOG DESIGN. woah. i need a new look - you are inspiring me.

oh, and i like your jeans... :)


The Marshall Family said...

soooo..I gotta question...where do you find your blog layouts and how do you change them being able to keep all of your info??

naomi said...

i get our blog layouts at

they have instructions for how to upload them to blogger and are very easy. good luck!

Deeapaulitan said...

So, ummmm, there are only 7 days or so until the 44% who guessed Kbug would be walking will be losers!!! Any hint of taking steps on his own?

Deeapaulitan said...
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