Wednesday, November 5, 2008

testing out the camera

we have been having a pretty good time around here but nothing compared to peter, who partied it up with obama in chicago last night. apparently he didn't actually get into grant park but was amidst the mobs of people who were downtown.
i picked last night to stop giving kale a bottle in the night when he wakes up for any reason. the reason last night was that he peed through his diaper and jammies. he was very upset and it took an hour and a half to get him back to sleep but the important thing is, HE DIDN'T GET A BOTTLE. he calmed down after i changed him and sang a little song but then he just wanted to be held or have his head stroked. right when i thought he was asleep, i would lay him down and he would cry and fuss. for some reason, i would go back in after 10 minutes or so of this. i should have just let him work it out, i know. however, at 3 in the morning, reason has a way of escaping one's mind. the important thing though, he did eventually fall asleep and WITHOUT A BOTTLE! obama may have won the country's favor but i think i have the sweetest victory today.
discovered the washer today
his favorite spot these days
he enjoys trying to eat with a fork these days
little munchkin

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kelsey said...

congrats on the willpower!! that's the exact high chair i want too, just a little side note. hope all is well.