Monday, March 16, 2009

everything you need to know

kale is feeling much better but my cold is hanging on for dear life. i don't know why it is sticking around but i do know i am sick of having a headache. at least tylenol is okay to take while pregnant. i just would rather not take it.


as far as pregnancy goes, this one is going by much faster than the first. i guess i have something to distract me this time. something that is into everything he is not supposed to be into. i am feeling pretty good, just an overall yucky feeling. i decided that pregnant women don't really have cravings, it is just that nothing sounds good to eat except for maybe a couple things and you need to have that food before your body decides that it doesn't sound good anymore. i never thought eating would be such a chore.
sorry to disappoint most of you but we are not going to find out what we are having. i promise i won't peak this time! as for my guess so far as to what the little grape is...i have no idea. i mostly think it is a boy because that is what i know. however, we have a girl name that i love so i hope we get to use it. no, i'm not telling you what it is.


we are house sitting for a family this week and it has made me realize many things.
1. we watch too much t.v. there are only 4 channels out at this house, 2 of which we want to watch. 1 of which comes in semi-clear. we have filled our evenings with movies but it makes me wonder what people do at night with no t.v.
2. having more space is pretty nice. it is great to have kale be able to explore more than 900 square feet and to not have him underfoot all the time.
3. i can live with only checking my email once a day. usually i have the computer on all day and frequently am sitting in front of it. since the computer at this house is in the basement away from everything, i only use the internet when we are in town at our condo during the day. maybe i should consider cutting back some.
4. having a fireplace is a good thing.


my parents made an impromptu visit to bozeman this weekend since we had extra room at the house and we couldn't make it up there last weekend as planned. i loved having them stay in the same house with us instead of a hotel and also all the helping, loving hands. k and grandpa went out to get the paper on saturday morning. i wish kale could walk so he could enjoy outside more! who wants to crawl on soggy grass and mud? maybe kale...
i love how much kale loves his grandpa and how much grandpa loves him. it really warms my heart.

this seems to be his favorite spot while i am on the computer. he may start to get stuck soon.
when kale's hair gets a little long, it sticks straight up after he takes his hat off.

such a fuzz head!

kale helping daddy do a few chores around the house.

he likes to ride this vacuum sometimes. you would think a grown man would let his son have a turn once in awhile.

i usually let kale roam about the house while i take a shower. now he will be in his crib with toys. i found ritz crackers all over the kitchen floor the other day. i should have given him the vacuum then.


kelsey said...

such a funny kid!!! i can't wait to meet him--and i can't wait to see you!!!!!!! see you thursday!

J and Raq said...

Hello Naomi, first-Congrats and hope you are doing well. I found the 2nd pregnancy a lot harder so I hope you are doing ok! Also glad to see Kale is better! I've heard a lot of kids have had that-scary! Well, very short note but it is fun to check your blog and see how you all are doing!

Anonymous said...

We had a great time at the "big house". I'm so glad we decided to come. Have you had a chance to look for the push toy? I will look to see if we still have something in storage. We must, we never throw anything away! I think I'm a little intimidated by Peter, look how quickly I commented :)
Love, Mom